Growing Pains and Websites Updates
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Growing Pains and Websites Updates

Growing Pains and Websites Updates. Welcome to the First Coast Romance Writers’ new website. Yes, it looks mostly like the old one, but we’ve made some changes as well as some additions. Thus, we have been experiencing some growing pains. So we hope you will be patient. For now, we just wanted to let you know that the.Workshop Page is active. And I believe I figured out why there were some 404 errors. So for our next meeting we have Lisa Norman coming up and she’s going to be giving some very interesting talks about Websites and Authors on the Web. Now you can share this event on Facebook, Twitter and download it to your calendar, which I think is a very nice feature to get more people involved and for those people who would like to attend the event but are not members of First Coast Romance writers yet.You can always go to the workshop sign up form, fill it out and pay the nominal fee of $10 per event.

NERFA Awards

As we said, we’ve made some changes. We now have a separate website for the National Excellence and Romance Fiction award (NERFA).Which is coming up very soon. Right now they’re looking for judges. So to sign up as a judge, if you would, and read some of these great stories that we were going to receive from now until end of March. The reading period is from April to May, so sign up as soon as possible now for those whose wanting to have their books. The Form for signup will be available on March the 1st and then we begin the lovely process of reading the ebooks by our volunteer judges. The prices may be subject to change, but for now, check the website. And again, we are experiencing some growing pains so if any of these links do not work there is more information at the end to contact the webmistress and she will make sure its get it fixed quickly.

Online Bookstores

The next thing that we have, and this is for anyone who’d like to purchase one of our anthologies, is an online shop. You can purchase the ebooks and download them in PDF or EPUB. Some of our authors may volunteer their own books for sale in the shop for a little while. But if there are writers out there that would like to sell their books for a profit-split with the club on our online bookstore, let us know and we’ll see what we can work out. For now, this is a great way to support the club and keep us going. Hopefully soon we may even be adding some print-on-demand merchandise like T-shirts and coffee cups, which would be really cool.

Members Online Resources

Finally, this is the Members only website which we are cultivating to help our members.To support each other, have great resources. And the information library for all those who would like to it. You must be signed in in order to see any pages. To let you know that some of the things we will be having such as access to the library. We’re working on, we’re going to be uploading all the digital media that we can so that you can view it or listen to it directly from the site. We’re cultivating a writers glossary. So if you want to volunteer to fill these in, feel free to do that. And we’re also adding a service providers section now. This is for Members to offer their services to other members at a reduced rate.Such as website building, editing, that sort of thing. We’re also gonna be creating articles and encouraging members to share informational articles to help their fellow members. This chat room is a new section. For now, it’s just going to be chatting. We can arrange times for people to chat together on the Member site, which is password protected and eventually, if this works out, we may be able to add vido to it, which would be really cool. If you’re a member, make sure you sign in and check it out for yourselves and.start a conversation, get talking, agree to meet up at certain times. There is a sign in form. If you have not received an e-mail after you’ve paid your membership dues about your membership profile, then you can always go in and sign in for yourself. Any person who does sign up that is not a member will be deleted. This is a benefit strictly for members.

If you have any questions, Please send them to Webmaster at FirstCoastRomanceWriters dot com or of you have any problems with the website, our volunteer webmistress will get on it as soon as she can. Thank you.

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