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Coming Soon Workshops Awards and Anthologies

There are lots of great things happening in the next few months. It may be coming to the end of the school year and everyone wants to go on vacation but writers and the First Coast Romance Writers group will be working hard to bring you great workshops, the winners of the NERFA contest and a brand new “Tropical Romance” themed anthology for you to purchase and enjoy. The anthology will be available for preorder on Amazon by the first week in June. The NERFA awards will be announced on July 8, 2023!

April Workshop Wrap-upHandouts available on the FCRW Members Only Website

Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning and bestselling novelist, and is known as “The Voice of Indie Publishing” for his work in helping hundreds of thousands of will-be authors to start, build, and grow their author careers. Kevin is the Director of Marketing & PR for Draft2Digital—the leading distributor of indie published titles in the world. He has served as host, co-host, or guest on thousands of podcasts and other media. You can learn more about Kevin at his work at 

Bootstrapping Your Author Career
Kevin talks about what he’s learned about building and growing an author career when you’re short of time and budget. From “writing anywhere” using a smartphone to low- and even no-money ways to market your books, Kevin is presenting all the tricks and tips he’s learned since starting his publishing career.

Handy Things Authors Can Do with Draft2Digital
D2D offers authors an entire toolbox of resources for starting, building, and growing their author careers. And all of those tools are FREE for authors to use—no contracts, no fees, no obligations. In this talk, Kevin Tumlinson walks through some of those resources, introducing them and sharing how you can put them to work right away, even if you aren’t distributing your books through us!

May Workshop – Suzanne Purvis will be giving workshops on “Writing Your Brilliant Blurb and then we will have a “Revision Bootcamp”

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June Workshop: Sia Huff will present workshops on Simple Story Structure and Super Scenes

Check the Events pages for more details

3d book display image of All of the FRCW Anthologies are now available for sale as eBooks on our online store!

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First Coast Romance Writers has compiled a collection of great romance stories for every season of the year. We have 3 Volumes currently available for purchase

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