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Winter Holidays Updates News and Reviews

Winter Holidays are upon us and here are some updates, news and reviews for the remainder of the coming year. Our Director of Programming has been very busy and has already lined up the next six month worth of Writers Workshop Speakers. The NERFA 2024 will be open to submissions in March 2024. We hope you will share this contest with all of your romance writer friends.


Great News- the new FCRW Beacon Program

We are creating a mentorship program for FCRW members, with the help of FCRW-published authors, to provide support and educational opportunities for the new authors in our group.

Vickey Wollan has generously volunteered her time to assist in the matchmaking process to make this program a success.

We have been very successful with our anthology editions and hope to keep producing multiple anthologies every year. This is a fantastic training and educational opportunity for our members, especially new writers, who are able to see a story from draft through revisions to working with an editor. After that, they have the opportunity to see a cover created and the book uploaded to the retailers by Lia Davis.

In 2024 we are upping the game and improving the playing field.

1. All unpublished authors, new members, and anyone who would like additional support and guidance will be paired with a published author in FCRW, by genre. Remember, no one is getting paid for this, it is all voluntary. The author will submit the story idea to the critique partner. They will discuss the plot points and romance arc. Then after they determine the best direction, the author will write the story and submit part or all of it to the critique partner for review.
2. The published author is not replacing a professional editor, they are functioning in a developmental capacity, making sure the story is as robust as it could be. Stories go to the editor for 2 rounds.
3. Prior to going to the hired editor, it is also important for everyone to swap stories with at least one other FCRW member. Everyone must do at least one swap, in addition to the critique match to make your story the best it can possibly be.

FCRW Beacon Program 2024

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