Paul Schad Actor/Police and Crime Tech Advisor
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Member Spectacular with Special Law Enforcement Workshop

Member Spectacular with special Law Enforcement workshop: In-Person and Online

Guest Speaker – Paul Schad: Actor / Police & Crime Technical Advisor

If any of the characters in your stories are police officers…this class is for you. Paul Schad will talk about the types and personalities of detectives you’ll find in different investigative units. Let’s face it, a narcotics unit will usually attract a different kind of cop than an economic crimes unit. Create and mold your character to fit a stereotype, or…break the mold and have them fight against it.

The session was extremely informative and well presented. If you were not able to attend in person or on Zoom you missed a great lecture.

FCRW’s December meeting on the 10th is also a holiday gathering of sorts. We went as a group to have lunch with our guest and all the members present during the event.


Having a nice meal with speaker Paul Schad and the gang from FCRW December 10, 2022

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Have a great Holiday and See Ya’ll next year!

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