Caren Burmeister


From 10:45 until 12:45

At West Regional Library

1425 Chaffee Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32221

Caren Burmeister Bio

Being captivated by a good story is one of life’s greatest pleasures, which is why Caren Burmeister loves being a storyteller, and why she treasures stories that explore universal truths about human nature. 

A Jacksonville, Florida-based seasoned writer with more than two decades in journalism, Caren left the newsroom and began a journey grounded in personal faith, yoga and self-discovery.  Her intention?  To discover what could she could do to bring out the best in others. 

As a result, she started an independent book editing and publishing company, Caren Tells Your Story.  She helps fiction and nonfiction authors write compelling stories that deeply connect with readers.  In September 2022, she co-wrote and published Remember Me: How to Create a Spiritual Legacy of Love Light.  Part memoir, part how-to guide, the book reminds us that our ties to our loved ones are eternal and that the story of our life may be as important as life itself.


Workshop descriptions:

Now, more than ever, readers are buying fiction to escape a steady series of world events that are making many people feel powerless and anxious.  Regardless of genre, readers are relying on you — the author — for the kind of intrigue that will transport them to another time and place.  These two workshops will help you achieve those goals. 

Workshop one: Build Suspense to Keep Readers Turning Pages.

You’ll learn how to:
 Establish compelling and credible motives for the main characters
 Raise the consequences of the character’s decisions and actions
 Intensify their risk of failure as the book progresses

Workshop two: Create a Strong Sense of Place to Evoke Vivid Mental Images and Associations.

You’ll learn how to:
 Draw rich descriptions through sensory immersion, travel and research
 Consciously use setting to inspire or generate plot
 Employ dialogue to cue a sense of time and place

This Meeting Will Be In-Person in the Computer Room

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