50K Challenge 2019
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50K Challenge 2019

2020 FCRW 50K Challenge

The Basics:

    • The challenge is open to published and unpublished authors who are members of FCRW.
    • Participants pay a nonrefundable $20 entry fee. Entry Deadline is 10/30/2020. Participants can join in and pay their entry fee at any FCRW meeting. (If you can’t make a meeting, pay via PayPal using the button below)
    • Write 50,000 NEW WORDS on your manuscript. (NOTE: Your entry is from the time you enter to the deadline date. The sooner you join, the more time you have to get in your 50K.) 50K Challenge Deadline is 12/1/2020.
    • Need to switch manuscripts? No problem! Notify the Coordinator of the change by emailing her at: vickeywollan@yahoo.com.  You just have to add 50,000 NEW WORDS to your manuscript to be eligible for the end-of-the-year drawing. Please, limit to only one change per participant.
    • Whoever adds 50,000 NEW WORDS to their manuscript by deadline will be eligible to win the end-of-the-year drawing for all of the entry fees collected. (Ten people enter=$200!) The drawing will take place at the FCRW holiday party in December. There will also be some extra surprises given away as well, like editor and author critiques.
  • To be eligible for the end-of-the-year drawing, email the Coordinator your manuscript for word count verification no later than 12/2/2020.  The final document can be an unpolished, rough draft.

With your entry fee, provide the following:

        1. Manuscript Title
        2. Current word count (Can be zero to whatever!)

Fun Stuff to Keep You Motivated & Writing:

    • Once an official participant, you will be added/invited to the 50K Challenge group on Facebook.
    • Set weekly and/or monthly goals and check in with your progress.
    • Cheer and praise other participants for hitting their goals, and encourage those who need help.
    • Participate in events throughout the year via Skype and/or Facebook Groups.
      • i.e. Join others on Skype (video & mic not necessary) in a private chat room for timed sprints
    • During NaNoWriMo there will be increased online events to get you to 50K.
  • The most important thing? Put the BUTT IN CHAIR and WRITE! A 50,000 word novel is the goal.
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