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Traditionally Publish Through Harlequin

Traditionally Publish Through Harlequin is still a viable way to have a romance writing career. The publishing company has its guidelines up on a separate website for anyone who wishes to read through it. There is lots of great information. Harlequin is looking for specific stories for May 2024. See below for more information.

Here are some general tips dressed up in a Harlequin flair:

Know Your Hero (Reader): Before dashing off on a promotional quest, identify your target reader. Are they fans of sizzling historicals or do they crave heartwarming contemporaries? Tailor your message to their desires.

Craft a Compelling Bio: You are the charming lead in your authorial story! Craft a captivating bio that hints at your worldview and the kind of happily-ever-afters you create for your readers.

Social Media Soirees: Mingle with your readers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Host online chats, share teasers, and run enticing contests to build a fanbase.

Embrace the Blogosphere: Start a blog or contribute to Harlequin-affiliated ones. Engage readers with excerpts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and discussions about the genre you love.

Reviews are Like Love Letters: Encourage readers to leave reviews on online retailers and Goodreads. Positive reviews are like glowing testimonials, attracting new readers to your work.

Teaming Up for Success: Consider collaborating with other Harlequin authors for online events or even co-writing a story. Teamwork makes the dream of reaching more readers a reality.

Find out more:

  • Submission Calls – We are always on the lookout for talented writers
  • How to Submit – Step-by-step guide for submitting your story
  • Diverse Voices – We welcome all authors to the Harlequin community
  • Writing Guidelines – Read guidelines for Harlequin’s 11 series and Carina Press
Harlequin is looking or story submissions from debut romance writers in underrepresented communities for a chance to have your debut novel published. We will accept submissions from May 1-31, 2024 for the Romance Includes You Mentorship.

The mentorship is all about finding new voices in romantic fiction that bring more diversity and representation to the genre. We’re looking to offer one writer a publishing contract for their debut novel, a one-year mentorship with a Harlequin editor, and a writing grant worth $5,000 US in total. Get the details on the mentorship information page.

Check out their Romance Glossary Page:

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